Meek Mill Plans To Release Novel x Exclusive Story Prologue

D.J Larsen March 31, 2013 0
Meek Mill Plans To Release Novel x Exclusive Story Prologue

Meek Mill plans to release a novel titled Tony’s Story May 1st to chronicle the life of his two childhood friends Tony & Ty.

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We get a gist of the complicated life of Tony and Ty from Tony’s Story on Meek’s mixtape Dream Chaser where the Philly native raps about the greed, disloyalty, and deception that occurred between two.

The novel will be available in both paperback and e-book format.

We found the prologue to Meek’s novel on Hip-Hop n More, so get your read on and let us know what you think.

(@lowkey_d and @richNyunglady)

                                     TONY STORY BY MEEK MILL

The mangy black cat scurried across the street from behind the apartment’s dumpster where the ski-masked man dressed in all black invaded its spot. The black-clad figure crouched down low, waiting patiently for his prey. The smell of the recently smoked Kush-filled blunt still clung to his clothes.
A few minutes later, a lone man dressed in the latest urban wear and a single gold chain exited the apartment carrying a small leather bag that contained thirty-six thousand dollars. On a mission to buy a brick of some of the best coke on the street, he walked briskly toward his late-model Oldsmobile, which he used strictly for pickups and drop-offs. He had almost reached his car when his cell phone started vibrating in his pocket.

“Yeah,” he answered, after looking at the display screen and seeing it was Tony calling. “Okay, Broad and Snyder… A’ight, I’m getting in the car now. I’ll be there in twenty minutes,” he said, then ended the call.

Thunder boomed and lightening lit up the dry sky as the masked figure rose slowly like a lion about to pounce on its prey. He used the pitch-black darkness to his advantage as he quickly stepped from behind the dumpster, clutching a long-nose .357 revolver which he dubbed The Cannon. Returning his cell phone to his pocket and fumbling with his keys gave the masked man enough time to creep up on him without being noticed. Just as he hit the button on the key fob and opened the door, fire spit from the .357 pointed at his back.

Boom! Boom!

The first shot penetrated the man’s shoulder; while the second almost decapitated him as the hollow point tore through his neck, sending him face forward into the side of his car. The masked man rushed him and snatched the bag from his hand before his body crumbled to the ground, leaving streaks of blood where he fell. The gunman then hurried away from the scene, jumped behind the wheel of the stolen pick-up truck, and was on his way to North Philly to meet Tony.

Tony sat in the vacant furniture store parking lot waiting for Mike to show. With no re-up money and Ty having him on hold, he resorted back to the streets, pushing up on the young robber Mike who was thirsty for a come up. Mike was putting the pistol down around his way, robbing anybody who moved. One evening, Tony propositioned the youngster, convincing him to leave the petty licks alone and get some real money. After running the plan by him, Mike was game. The youngster wanted riches and didn’t care who he had to take down to get it.

Minutes later, Tony saw Mike pulling into the lot. He pulled up next to him and killed the truck’s lights. Not wasting any time, Tony stepped out of his silver Chrysler 300 and approached the truck.

“Everything good?” Tony asked.

“Homie, shit was sweet as hell, just like you said.” Mike smiled and held up the bag of money.

Mike’s smile was simultaneous with the gun blast that caught him totally off guard. The youngster clutched his chest like it was on fire. He fought hard to breathe as Tony reached over him through the window and grabbed the bag containing the cash. Although unable to speak, he stared at Tony in disbelief. In his last seconds, he couldn’t believe one of the only people he trusted and looked up to had just ended his life.


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